Jasmine Salanga - Poland

"Youth plays an essential part in moving the world ahead in an ever-changing environment. The chance to study in Poland opened up the path to a more thorough understanding of our society's shortcomings and frailties.

Belgium/France/Sweden - Adrian Keith Caamino

"Pursuing graduate studies in Europe has been one of the best decisions I made in my life. The entire journey was never easy, the experience itself was a learning process not just enriching the things you know and learning more of the things you don’t but discovering more about yourself while working with people from different cultures and countries.

Dr. Danie Laurel

What makes us uniquely human, separated from other animals, is our ability to think, create, and solve problems. If you ask me, what is the meaning of life? It is to keep learning, to keep using our minds, to keep creating.

Spain - Kara Alampay

"In my current role, working with colleagues worldwide, I'm grateful to have experienced an inclusive atmosphere that values ideas no matter how old you are or where you come from. Superiors treat me as equal, fostering an environment where all perspectives matter. This type of work environment has nurtured a sense of confidence and motivation. Whenever I reflect on my time studying in Madrid, I still appreciate how my parents trusted and encouraged me to go out, speak up, and learn from my mistakes and triumphs.

Sweden - Nes Patrick Kong Señor

"In Sweden, students are exposed to an educational environment that thrives on the principles of equality, openness, and cutting-edge research. The nation's commitment to innovation is evident not only in its vibrant tech hubs but also in its emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling students to explore uncharted territories and unravel complex challenges.

Belgium - Paul Jhon Diezon

"Cliché is as it may sound, but the youth really have a vital role in building a better future for the rest of the world. Therefore, it is important to promote a culture of excellence in our youth—excellence not only in terms of academic excellence, but also with culture and the arts, social justice, community participation and in many more facets. One of the many ways to do this is aligning our pedagogical goals with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals which is a blueprint for all nations in achieving peace and prosperity.

Belgium - Samantha Justine Q. Domingo

"I was exposed to cultures different from mine and a present that is more livable than, unfortunately, in my country. It made me question my reality and ask for a nourishing future. In response, I dared myself to leave what's comfortable and seek more of what I and my peers in the Global South deserve. This experience greatly motivated me to facilitate justice as my sense of excellence. Knowing what is better allowed me to better what is not.

France - Apple Ariola

"My engagement with youth within the EU has shown me that while young people are deeply committed to achieving excellence, they also highly value the guidance and mentorship provided to them. And so it is remarkable for me to experience the collaborative efforts of EU organizations and institutions as they deliver mentorship, guidance, and platform to engage the youth in discussions and innovations, even in complex areas like the food system.

France - Karl Alvarez

"Doing my master-level studies in the EU is truly a daily quest for excellence. The diverse and challenging environment always keeps me on my toes and prepares me to take challenges head-on. Moreover, the potential for collaborative work opens up possibilities of innovation and allows me to diversify my skill sets. Indeed, the goal-driven youth of today should not pass up the chance to experience education in the EU!

France - Ralph Ferolino

"Europe offers various avenues for everyone from different origins and backgrounds to engage and participate in addressing social issues; social movements continue to construct and deconstruct societies of today. Being a student in Europe means that the world is your classroom.