Raian Razal

I have always been curious to explore Europe and being able to do that the same time as I was taking my graduate studies in Czech Republic (2014 – 2016) has truly been life-changing. I finished my masters focused in management and marketing in Tomas Bata University in Zlin. It is in this city where the Bata shoes production originated. The city is now very modern, fresh and is starting to be more international with the constant flux of exchange and foreign students.

The overall experience has expanded my perception of the world because it gave me access to a community of friends from different nationalities who have become my second family away from home. I began to understand their different ways of life and culture. The program is very focused and rigorous given the high caliber of professors who are experts in the field. One will surely expect some challenge but through teamwork with coursemates, studying has been fun as well.

But most importantly, I am very grateful as the program provided me the foundation and the skills to work for an internship in a multinational company in Prague in the field of brand marketing. Now, I am putting all the theoretical learnings into practice, especially in terms of developing marketing campaigns and launching new products.